Cherished Registrations

All car manufacturers spend millions in designing and developing their car models only for DVLA legislation to insist that they affix highly reflective licence plates to the front and back of their design! Clearly the law is unavoidable but there is a way of reducing the impact of such an invasion, and this is through being able to choose which registration number is assigned to your vehicle. Obviously every vehicle is issued a ‘standard’ combination of letters and numbers at first registration (known as the standard registration), but a scheme designed to allow the free movement of registration marks between vehicles has been established through public demand. This is called the Cherished Transfer Scheme.

Since the mid 1960’s certain vehicle registration numbers have been traded in the UK because of their desirability and quite often these registrations become highly cherished by their owners. There are examples of 'Cherished Registrations' that have been owned by individuals for years, passed down to other family members as heirlooms for generations and never coming onto the open market.

However, recorded sales values of some cherished registrations since the mid 1990's have exceeded 500,000.00 and values continue to soar today. Frequently linked to the missive wealth divide that exists in the UK population; today, many of the top quality cherished registrations are perceived as a commodity to the wealthy and for this reason alone they are a sure investment. It is due to ever rising values that certain cherished registrations have recently entered the UK secondary market for the first time in decades.

The most common reason for the trade in these high value cherished registrations has been the fact that they are short and contain the initials of an individual that wishes to personalise their car. In other cases they reflect a name or a word that is relevant to the owner of the vehicle or simply humorous.

Examples include cherished registrations such as TP 1, 1 GR, CLA 55, TEN 510N, DAV 1D and in more recent year's numbers such as PR05 PER and RU55 ELL. It is clearly apparent how such cherished registrations become appealing to their owner but what was never anticipated was the growth rate in popularity and value that would explode onto the UK market post millennium.

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